• Shaab Saiman

    Location About 3-4 miles north of Ras Abu Soma is another headland known as Ras Umm Hesiwa. To the northwest of here in the direction of Sharm El Naga is a little known reef called Shaab Saiman.  A hard coral ridge runs parallel to the shoreline and is separated from Read more

  • Tobia Soraya (Or Tobia El Saghaira)

    Location Thirty minutes from the coast of Safaga, three chains of connected ergs come together to form an inverted Y-shape. They stand in 12-15m water on a white sand seabed and pose a navigational nightmare for the average diver, armed with anything less than a submersible GPS. To the north Read more

  • Tobia Kebir (Or Tobia Al Kabeir)

    Location 10 minutes southeast of Tobia Island and only 30 minutes from Safaga is one large oblong reef with a chain of three ergs stretching southwards. The west side stands in 6-7m water and is naturally dead, like a lagoon. The east side shelves to 15m and catches enough current Read more

  • Tobia Hamra

    Location About 30 minutes outside Safaga is a long reef topped at the south end by a sandy island (Tobia Island).  At the north end is a long low rocky island and to the east of this is the dive site Tobia Hamra. The reef slopes gently to 35m as Read more

  • Tobia Arbaa

    Location Just inside the headland of Ras Abu Soma is a closely packed clump of erg known as Tobia Arbaa, Arbaa means four by Arabic,  but there are actually seven of them, hence their other name, The Seven Pinnacles. As ergs go, they are unusually tall and narrow and they Read more

  • Shaab Sheer/Shaab Shehr

    Location On the admiralty charts it’s known as Hyndeman Reef (that name is not used locally) and the name Shaab Sheer is attributed to Abu Kafan. These are fishermen’s names and are older than the admiralty itself. So forget the charts. Abu Kafan is Abu Kafan and Shaab Sheer is Read more

  • Shaab Hamdallah

    Location At the southernmost point of the large shallow plateau surrounding ‘Shaab Sheer’ lays Shaab Hamdallah, which is about 90 minutes far from Safaga. It is a collection of tall ergs that rise up from 18m. They are arranged in roughly the same positions as the dots making up the Read more

  • Shaab Claude

    Location Shaab Claude is about 80 minutes away from Safaga and the second in a chain of small reefs that extend southward from the east end of Shaab Sheer. It has one prominent erg to the south east, whilst on its southwest corner is a long ridge composed of several Read more

  • Ras Umm Hesiwa

    Location 3-4 miles north of Ras Abu Soma, or 45 minutes by boat, is a prominent headland with the name Ras Umm Hesiwa. On its eastern side is a wide sloping plateau between 15 and 30m. To the north a long, deep tongue of reef stretches seawards starting at 25m Read more

  • Ras Abu Soma

    Location Ras Abu Soma is the headland that defines the northern limit of the bay of Safaga. There are two dive sites, ‘Abu Soma Gardens‘ on the inside and the ‘Ras Abu Soma’ itself (illustrated). Both take about 45 minutes to reach by boat. The ‘Ras’ has a steep outer Read more