Royal Yacht Trip  




Program Itinerary

08:30 am

Arrival at the Marina of the Continental hotel to fill the necessary papers and receive the equipment.

09:00 am

Start sailing to the Dolphin House which is located after 30 min.

10:30 am

First stop in the Dolphin House where the Dolphins are probably seen for 45 min.


          During this time you will get a briefing about: how to snorkel, the description of the dive site and the safety procedures.

11:30 am

 Sailing to another reef arriving 45 min later.

12:15 pm

Second stop for snorkeling + diving in a beautiful reef for 45 min.

01:00 pm

 Open lunch + open drink

02:00 pm

Fishing for 20 min.

02:30 pm

Glass boat about 20 min.

03:00 pm

Banana games


 During this time you will have debriefing about the fishes and corals you saw.

04:00 pm

Arrival at the marina, then transfer back to the hotels.