Torfa Ras Disha


Skill Level: Guided Scuba Diver

Max Depth: 30 m

Access: Boat



Torfa Ras Disha, also called Malagk, is only a short 25 minutes boat journey from Makadi Bay. The coastal reef is the northern extension of Ras Disha, consisting of a sand plateau with a coral garden and a dropoff at the eastern side. We go here only at a northern wind and with few boats at the site. The current is usually from the north, however, can occasionally be southern. Torfa Ras Disha is ideal for drift dives.

At the drop-off you'll often find large groupers, tunas and barracudas. Look for moray, stonefish and table corals on the plateau. At the main reef you can find crocodile fish, lionfish, grouper, soft and hard coral. Occasionally you will also get sightings of turtle and reef shark.