Erg Abu Ramada



Skill Level: Advanced Open water

Max Depth: 30 m

Access: Boat




This small site, on a group of coral pinnacles just offshore from Abu Ramada, is an incredibly dense collection of the best in coral growth and reef fishes. The pinnacles are carpeted in rich layers of coral, with colorful soft corals predominating, along with some gorgonians and a fairly wide range of stony species. The openings and walls of the caves are often particularly vibrant, with colonies of dendronephthya and other vividly colored soft corals.

This can be a challenging dive for which you need to be at least an Advanced Open Water Diver. Drop down the wall to a small plateau at 22 meters before the sea drop away to the abyss. To the east the next you find is Saudi Arabia… so almost any kinds of fish, especially the larger roaming fish can be seen at this site.