Shaab Abu Nugar

This reef is one of the most northern dive sites of Hurghada, reaching almost the area of El Gouna. Located about 60 to 90 minutes from Hurghada, the reef of Abu-Nugar is mainly dived for the incredible richness of its marine life.

You’ll find a T-shaped reef at its north-western side and a shallow plateau dotted with numerous ergs (pinnacles) in its eastern part. These ergs are full of different types of fish and coral, including yellow and purple gorgonians, sea fans, table corals, and brain corals. The sand on the bottom of this site is covered with clusters of corals. The Western side of Sha-ab Abu Nugar has two smaller sub-reefs in it, they are Gota Abu Nugar and Sha’ab Iris.

The site’s name, meaning “Father of the Pools” in Arabic, refers to the numerous lagoons you’ll find in the northern side of the main T-Reef.

Frequent visitors of the side include bottle-nosed dolphins, parrot fish, turtles, and of course lots of the usual reef residents in the Red sea: octopus, glassfish, angelfish and broomtails.The number of fishes in this location is quite limited, but you can often spot here Eagle rays and occasionally a small Reef Shark.
The wall of the reef and a very good visibility make this spot great for both beginners and advanced divers to have a long and lazy dives.

This place has surely an unforgettable atmosphere worth catching on the camera.

Depth: 12 m