Careless Reef

About one hour north-east of Hurghada, amid-sea reef plateau pushes up from the abyss. It is mostly in the 12-25 m range, gently sloping to 22-24 m at its edges where it drops off steeply. Standing on the plateau are two ergs, the larger to the northwest, the smaller to the southeast. They are surrounded by a forest of coral.


This reef is known as one of the best dive sites in Hurghada, both for sea life and beautiful reef gardens. An active underwater hotspot, octopus and rays, as well as turtles and dolphins are common sights. Dense populations of fish, including jacks, tuna, barracuda and the occasional hammerhead shark make this a popular spot for viewing aquatic life. Many call this area of the Red Sea some of the most vibrantly colorful scuba diving on Earth.


The reef is most famous for an active population of moray eels. Average visibility is over 20 meters in the area’s clear waters.