Shaab Sabina

This reef, also known as Fufuleya, lies 60 – 90 minutes from Hurghada. It is located on the southern part of Big Giftun Island in a channel between the two Islands which belong to the Giftun National Park.

To the south side of the tongue it is basically dead. To the north though is an attractive hard coral garden that extends north-eastwards as a succession of alternating coral ridges and sand patches. There is a beautiful shallow lagoon 150 m past the tongue.

The hills are densely covered with hard corals which are the shelter for small species. We will have a chance to see most beautiful Table and Brain Corals in Hurghada area. From the large species: Reef Shark, Barracudas or Eagle Ray can be spotted. This place is not maybe the richest on fish life but the beauty if corals and topography of this place makes it unforgettable and one of the best around here.


Depth: from 6 m to 20 m