Erg Somaya

About 75 minutes outside Hurghada, on the east side of Giftun Soraya, is Erg Somaya. To the south is the tower of Giftun police station; to the north is a prominent ridge of mountain.

The reef slopes steeply to a sandy ledge between 15 m and 24 m, beyond which it drops off 50m. There are two pinnacles on the ledge. One between 18 m and 10 m has a mooring buoy attached. To the north between 20 m and 12 m is another shaped like a pyramid and overgrown with a thick crop of purple soft corals. Beneath the ledge and between two ergs is a distinct nose with two caves at 25 m and 32 m joining to form a chimney.

You can find Batfish, barracuda, tuna, jackfish, Spanish mackerel, napoleons, morays, tunics, groupers, and if you’re lucky whitetips. You can see here also glassfish in the cave, lionfish and redmouth groupers. You can find here Spanish dancers by daylight too.