Shaab Ishta


This site is a little less than an hour from Hurghada. It is basically two ergs, a small one to the north, a large one to the south and it is shaped a bit like a clover leaf. Ishta mean in Arabic “cream” but it’s also a term of phrase equivalent to “cool” in English.

This area is covered by turtle grass and the depths range from 9 – 12 meters. About the Dive With the exception of the area between the two ergs, current is not likely to be significant most of the time and the sea is usually calm. There is not much to see at this site and circling around the ergs makes a short dive. There is a small cave at 4 meters, home of a lots of tiny reef fish worth seeing. Another cave which is called Turtle cave is located between the ergs at 6 meters.

The turtle grass beds are unique and you will find a variety of different fish colonies living there, making this dive more interesting. Reef Life & Special Interests although this site is small in size, the population of marine life is deceiving. When diving around the turtle grass beds keep your eyes open for stingrays, seahorses, lionfish, and blue lined emperors. In the crevices between the ergs look for sweet lips, snappers, groupers, goatfish, stonefish, crocodile fish, and scorpion fish