Shaab Petra


Shaab Petra is located not far away from Hurghada next to Magawish Island. This dive site is very popular among beginners and photographers. It is a quite big erg placed on the sandy bottom. 20 m from it, on north eastern side there is other, smaller erg, very interesting as it has a tunnel going through it. Both ergs are covered with lots of soft and hard corals, especially the smaller one – its beauty is spectacular!

Its tunnel is full of Cave Sweepers, Shrimps, Banner Fish and Butterfly Fish. It is the best dive site in Hurghada area for the night dive – we can spot here Shrimps, Lobsters, Crabs and rare Cutte Fish or fantastic Spanish Dancer. In the channel between the two ergs you can see schools of Fusilliers and Goat Fish almost every time.