Small Giftun


This dive site is located on south eastern side of Small Giftun Island in Giftun National Park. It is considered to be the most interesting place for the drift dive in Hurghada.Underwater, the wall of the Island drops to the great depths creating the dive site with the drop off and two plateaus.

The strong current are present at all times bringing food for corals and fish which makes this place one of the richest in underwater life. As this place is famous for its strong currents, large pelagic fish can be spotted here.

The plateaus are rich in soft corals which are food for Turtles. When we look into the blue, the great Barracudas and Travellies can be seen. If we observe carefully the bottom next to the reef we will find Crocodile Fish lying there, Stone and Scorpion Fish, Stingrays and huge Moray Eels.

At the mooring site we will find large Brain Corals and schools of Goat Fish and Fusiliers around them. There is a big chance for meeting with huge and friendly Napoleon which some time ago was fed by boats crew and still comes here hoping for free meal.