El Aruk 

Access:  Boat

Max. depth: 18 m                                       

Skills level: Guided Scuba Diver

El Aruk is situated not far from Giftun Islands. It is a sandy plateau stretching for few hundred meters from the west to the east with a slope on the northern side long which there are a lot of ergs and coral blocs scattered on the bottom. Some of them are so huge that they look like some rock hills reach the surface and are perfectly visible from the boat when mooring.

One can meet here the representatives of almost all kinds of fish living in the Red Sea. The ergs are home to many Basslets, Goat Fish, Clown Fish, Big Eye Jacks, all kinds of Groupers, Parrot Fish, Banner Fish and Butterfly Fish. Morey Eels can be also found at the bottom of the ergs and Stingrays at the sandy bottom. Frequently, huge Napoleon and Turtle will visit this place as well as pods of Dolphins happily playing in the neighborhood. A shadow of huge Eagle Ray will take our breath away as animal passersby minding its own business.