Sha’ab Abu Nuhâs

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Sha’ab Abu Nuhâs is a large slightly triangular shaped reef located around two miles to the north of Shadwan Island (also known as Shaker Island). The translation of Abu Nuhâs is “Father of Brass”, Abu being father and Nuhâs meaning brass. Whilst I have never seen any brass here, it certainly deserves its other name – “The Ship’s Graveyard”.

It’s location at the edge of the Straights of Gubal make the north side open to rough conditions, particularly on the surface where a large swell can make mooring difficult if not impossible. The northeast corner often experiences strong currents which can actually sweep down from the north and in from the east, meeting at the corner. This means that on the northeast corner itself, two currents meet and a diver trying to carry out research on the reef wall formation could find themselves stuck between two non-swimable currents.

Abu Nuhâs is a wreck divers dream come true boasting four vastly different wrecks in very close proximity to each other and all within comfortable diving depths of 30 meters or less. The wrecks are located on the north side of the reef and this requires calm surface conditions for mooring.