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share your experience,, review,, and photos😉
#PDL #Diving #Deep_water #Hurghada #Red_sea #Dolphins #Snorkeling #Makadi

Great team and really excellent teachers. Thank you for the great time and that very special experience we have spend here. Did my OWD. My friend that was with me did her AOWD. We really had a good ... See more

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#PDL #Diving #Deep_water #Hurghada #Red_sea #Dolphins #Snorkeling #Makadi

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Eclipse 2018 live stream: Watch the Blood Moon lunar eclipse today

A LUNAR eclipse will grace the skies tonight, triggering the celestial phenomenon that is a Blood Moon. Here is how to watch the lunar eclipse tonight.

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Special thanks and appreciation to my friend Markus Sinning ❤️🤩

See you again
you are welcomed at any time
Hope you are always happy with us
PDL Team ❤️

Bye Bye ...
My last dives @PDL .
Thank you Yasser Mohamed , Oskar Redsea , Mohamed Nagib , Denis Di and all the helpfull amazing People from PDL Divecenter and Kito Boad and the Small Boat ... See more

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Photos from PDL Divers's post

Dolphin Safari Trip
Arrival at the Marina of the Continental hotel to fill the necessary papers and to receive the equipment.

Start sailing for about 2 hours to the Dolphin House ‘Shaab El Erg’ ... See more

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😎 New Video From The Best Friend
Markus Sinning 🤩

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