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Such an amazing team !

Such an amazing team ! Thanks for making this day one of the most beautiful day of our lives ! Cheers guys !

July 25, 2017
Clara Cools

Great team and really excellent teachers

Great team and really excellent teachers. Thank you for the great time and that very special experience we have spend here.
Did my OWD. My friend that was with me did her AOWD. We really had a good time.
Special thanks to our teachers Osman and Mahmoud!
Also to Adriano and Oscar.
Wanna come back surely!

June 22, 2017
An Ne Ka Trin

It was more than a great diving

It was more than a great diving experience with the whole team of the PDL Divers
Special thanks to Osman, Mahmoud, Oskar and Adriano!
The equipment and the boats are as good as new.
We can’t recommend the PDL Divers enough!!!
Was more than great to stay with all of you.
🐚 🐠 🐬 😎 ☀️ 🌴 🐫
Looking forward for the next dives with PDL

June 22, 2017
Anne BLondi

حابة اشارككم تجربتي بالغوص

‎انا حابة اشارككم تجربتي بالغوص مع الـ PDL .. واللي بعتبرها اجمل تجربة بحياتي
‎بدأت الرحلة بصعودنا مركب الاميرة سمر وبعد الابحار بشوية
‎نادانا الغواص الرائع حسين للجلوس متجمعين حوله وشرحلنا كل مايتعلق بالتجربة من المشاكل المحتمل حدوثها وكيفية حلها ولغة الاشارة المتعارف عليها بين الغواصين
‎وصلنا اول نقطة توقف وكان اسمها عين الرمادي على ما اعتقد
‎كنت خائفة جداً بصراحة ومن الصبح وانا اكتب مسجات لأمي عالواتس اب واقلها مالنا ومال الغوص وهي رياضة مخيفة وغير آمنة
‎ساعدنا طاقم المركب بلبس البدلة وحزام الرصاص وانبوبة الاكسجين
‎نزلت انا واختي …. شيّك معنا الغواص حسين ان امورنا تمام ( شاب محترم بمنتهى الرقي بالتعامل )
‎وحان وقت النزول …. كل ما ينزلنا شوية بعد اقل من نص متر تزيد وتيرة تنفسي واحس قلبي بيدق بسرعه واطلع تاني لفوق
‎بس شوية شوية …. ومع الكثير من الصبر من الغواص حسين قدرت انزل بهدوء وبدون مشاكل وبوتيرة تنفس مرتاحه
‎وبدأت الاستمتاع بمشاهدة حدائق وغابات الشعاب المرجانية والدخول بين اسراب السمك الملون
‎اتمنيت توقف عقارب الساعه وما ينتهي الوقت
‎بعد هيك بنص ساعه تقريبا توقفنا بنقطة توقف تانية للسنوركلينغ
‎بصراحةاللي بجرب الغوص وبيشوف الالوان الجميلة للشعاب والسمك وبيقرب منها مابقا يملا عينه السنوركلينغ
‎شكرا يا حسين على سعة صدرك اتمنا توصلك كلماتي .. ما قصرت معنا ابدا
‎شكرا للغواص اسلام اللي كان مشرف على تجربة الوالد للوالده
‎شكرا لكل طاقم مركب الاميرة سمر
‎بالنهاية بقول لكل اللي مترددين ان التجربة آمنة تماما
‎مع غواصين فريق professional diving leaders
‎وصدقوني …. بعد تجربتها مابقا تلاقو اي نشاط سياحي اجمل منه

May 26, 2017
Zaina Shimi


Can’t recommend the team and centre enough; Osman, Mahmoud, Mohammed, Oscar and the rest of the team-Brilliant.
Anyone who’s thinking of either completing a diving course, refresher, intro, or even snorkelling – you can’t beat them here.
Excellent service,classroom materials, teaching & support 100% tiptop,friendly professional team-both on land & water The boat I personally went out was Kato – excellent throughout again
The sites are all different and far too many marine life to mention.
The whole team are professional friendly knowledgeable and reassuring so no matter what may be worrying you or something that you need advice on – language is no barrier!!!
I hate getting my mask filled up and being out of control – well this time last year I was out on the boat and MOHAMMED kept me calm.
Well 8 months later and back out with the same team and completed 4 dives over the last few days.
Once again Thank You to OSMAN for lending me his snorkel and looking after my mask over the past few days as well as your patience and 1:2:1 buddying
MAHMOUD for being my buddy and being the barrier between me and the Moray, and getting me through the exam
Mohammed for putting up with Keith and ‘letting me join your group on a return dive’
Oscar for making me giggle so much
and the rest of the team for being just them.
Can’t wait to be out on the boat again with you all. Xxx

May 16, 2017
Clare Miller

Nice team

Nice team #amazing. #fantastic #diving #memories #AWESOME#Friendly#professional diving leader ship
happy dayes

March 25, 2017
Mohamed Salama


We went to Hurghada area for winter sun and diving. After checking out the Dive Centre in our hotel, our Rep managed to arrange 2 x half day dives of 2 x dives each with PDL for £180 LESS than the centre in our hotel. The staff at PDL are brilliant – especially Oskar Redsea – and looked after my daughter and me perfectly. Their organisation, quality of equipment (particularly the wetsuits) is the best that we have experienced and we will definitely use them again. Shokran.

February 22, 2017
Andy Revesz

Perfect one week dive Vacation

Had a perfect one week dive vacation with PDL in a beautiful underwater world. My strongest recommendations for the professional PDL Divers Makadi.

January 6, 2017
Simone Beckmann

Great team to dive with

Great team to dive with. 8 dives with this team in June and brought friends back in November for 8 more. Starting with LOL who set up the dives through to the team on the boat, Oscar, Mahmoud, Abdul, Mohamed and many others a great time was had. Can’t wait to use them again in 2017.

November 25, 2016
Alain Birch

Vielen Dank

Die Basis in Makadi Bay unter Leitung von Osman Gamal ist super! Auch kurzfristig konnte ich noch zu einen Trip zur Thristlegorm – Vielen Dank an Osman und sein Team! Die Spots die angegahren werden sind abwechsungsreich. Vom Drift, Tief, Hausriff- bis hin zu Wracktauchgängen gibt bietet PDL Makadi sehr viel Abwechslung und das auf professioneller Betreuung! Sehr empfehlenswert und freundlich!
Mit speziellen Dank an Oskar Redsea für die schönen Tauchgänge!

October 10, 2016
Tony Flieger‎


Osman and his team are amazing. We have made some fantastic diving memories with them. I can not thank them enough. AWESOME.

October 9, 2016
Cathy Page

It is a great place for diving

It is a great place for diving. Underwater world of Macadi bay is beautiful and staff of pdl is very professional. My best recommendation! It was an amazing vacation with pdl!
Schlafen schläfst

August 23, 2016
Николай Караваев

A big thanks for a graet day

A big thanks for a graet day off diving with your dive master Kareem and the boat crew of KITO on the the 10/01/2016

we got some good phots of the day

thanks to all

January 14, 2016
keith weller

Thanks for the Great Dives

Thanks for the Great Dives – a Special THANK YOU goes to Oscar 🙂 the Turtle Finder

November 28, 2015
Jasmin und Sabrina

It was amazing

We’ve be on diving tour on 05/10. It was amazing. Thank thanks thanks thanks to the best instructor Jhon Zaton!

We come back soon!!!!

October 9, 2015

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