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  • Umm Gamar

    Location Umm Gamar is a long thin streak of reef lying on a north south axis, 90 minutes north of Hurghada. To the north and south are small plateaus in the 20m range. On the cast (main) side of the reef a vertical wall plunges into the silent blue beneath. It is most commonly dived Read more

  • Umm Gamar North

    Location Umm Gamar North encompasses two sites: the north plateau and Halg Umm Gamar (“The Neck of Umm Gamar”) (illustrated). The north plateau is characterised by big Table Corals, big fish and strong currents. Halg Umm Gamar is basically a sheltered bay with a wall to the south and a 60° coral slope to the Read more

  • Small Giftun (Drift)

    Location From 60 to 90 minutes east of Hurghada opposite the Small Giftun Police Station there is one dive that invokes more enthusiasm than any other. It is a drift along a Gorgonian clad wall, which merges with an extensive plateau and drop-off. The plateau lies between 15 and 25 m and the wall apparently Read more

  • Shaabruhr Umm Gamar

    Location Like Umm Gamar, less than one mile to the north, Shaabruhr Umm Gamar is a thin slice of reef lying on a north south axis. Unlike Umm Gamar it has no island or beacons to mark its surface. For this reason it has claimed three ships, the wrecks of which now lie beneath the Read more

  • Shaab Sabrina/Shaab Sabina

    Location This reef, also from older fisherman known as ‘Fufuleya’, lies 60-90 minutes from Hurghada. It is marked by a pointed tongue of reef poking out from the east side of Giftun Kebir. To the south side of the tongue it is basically dead. To the north though is an attractive Hard Coral garden that Read more

  • Shaab Petra

    Location 45 minutes southeast from Hurghada like Shaab Eshta is this dive site located behind the islands in the region of Magawish and is conditionally protected. Shaab Petra is suitable for beginners and advanced divers. Two ergs come to the surface from an 8m sandy seabed. They are about 50m apart on an east-west axis. Read more

  • Shaab Iris

    Location About 60-90 minutes north of Hurghada is Shaab Iris, which is a part of Abu Nugar. It is the most south-easterly erg of Abu Nugar. Sea Conditions It can get a little choppy on the way over but once you get there you’re well sheltered. Current is usually mild. Dive Plan Some parts of Read more

  • Shaab Eshta

    Location Shaab Eshta is 45 minutes to one hour far from Hurghada. It is basically two ergs, a small one to the north, a large one to the south and it is shaped a bit like a clover leaf. The meaning of ‘Eshta’ in Arabic is ‘cream’, but it’s also a term of phrase equivalent Read more

  • Shaab El Erg/Dolphin House

    Location 90 minutes to 2 hours north of Hurghada, depending on the weather and where you leave from. It is a vast horseshoe shaped reef, with its open side facing south. At the centre of the horseshoe is a shallow lagoon, dotted with ergs (hence the name). It is dived in a number of places: Read more

  • Shaab Abu Nugar

    Location About 60-90 minutes north of Hurghada, Abu Nugar is composed of a long T-shaped reef to the west and a shallow plateau dotted with ergs to the east. Diving takes place on the most south-easterly ergs (Shaab Iris), two large central ergs (Gota Abu Nugar), or on the north side of the tongue pointing Read more

  • Manta Point

    Location Manta point, which is part of the Shaab El Erg reef, in the northern part of Hurghada, is located about 90 minutes far from Hurghada centre, at the north side of the main reef close to a lighthouse. The name of this dive site promises great things, but don’t count on them.. Sea Conditions Read more

  • Hamda – Stone Beach

    Location Hamda is situated on the northeast side of Giftun Kebir, beneath a series of prominent cliffs and opposite a white, shingle beach. It goes by several names: Hamda, Umm Dom, Hamata or Stone Beach for starters. Beneath the water is a small plateau of Hard Coral sloping easily from 15 to 35m. On the Read more

  • Hamda

    Location Hamda is situated on the northeast side of Giftun Kebir, beneath a series of prominent cliffs and opposite a white, shingle beach. It goes by several names: Hamda, Umm Dom, Hamata or Stone Beach for starters. Beneath the water is a small plateau of Hard Coral sloping easily from 15 to 35m. On the Read more

  • Gota Abu Ramada

    Location This reef, also known as the ‘Aquarium’, lies between 50 and 90 minutes from Hurghada depending where you depart from. It is an elliptical reef surrounded by a sandy seabed at 12-15m. To the west are two large ergs and to the east are three pinnacles and a coral garden. Sea Conditions The Sea Read more

  • Fanous West

    Location On the western end of the Fanous reef, a narrow ‘fossma’ or channel breaks through the reef wall to a lagoon outside at 9m and an area of coral garden at 12-14m. There are two main ergs and various outlying coral pinnacles. Sea Conditions The boat can moor on the inside of the ‘fossma’ Read more

  • Fanous East

    Location This reef comes with several names: Torfa el Fanous (meaning ‘reef with a beacon’), Dolphin Reef or Dolphin’s Playground. Whatever name you give it, it’s a narrow strip of reef surrounding a large lagoon to the north-west of Giftun Kebir. On its east end a wide channel splits the reef from the mainland and Read more

  • Erg Somaya

    Location About 75 minutes outside Hurghada, on the east side of Giftun Soraya, is Erg Somaya. To the south is the tower of Giftun police station; to the north is a prominent ridge of mountain. The reef slopes steeply to a sandy ledge between 15m and 24m, beyond which it drops off to 50m+. There Read more

  • Erg Sabrina/Erg Sabina

    Location About 150m from Shaab Sabrina; Erg Sabrina is a small isolated reef in the middle of the Giftun Strait. It sits on a sandy seabed between 10 and 12m. To the east and west are gardens of Fire Coral and to the north there is a smaller erg, home to  Glassfish and great  for Read more

  • Erg Abu Ramada

    Location On the southeast side of Abu Ramada (60-90 minutes out of Hurghada) is a wide sandy shelf stretching eastwards. Just before it drops off, three large ergs rise up from the seabed (18m) to just beneath the surface. The ergs from Erg Abu Ramada lie in a line, the biggest to the south and Read more

  • El Mina

    Location Just east of Hurghada harbour, El Mina is an Egyptian minesweeper sunk around 1969 by Israeli fighter planes. She rests on a rocky seabed sloping from 25m under the bow to 32m at the stern. The wreck lies on a northwest-southeast axis on her portside. There has been an attempt in the past to Read more

  • El Fanadir

    Location Fanadir is a long narrow reef just north of Hurghada. It can be dived on the south end, on the east side or in good weather, on the north end. The illustration shows the east side, which is the most popular as it is protected from the weather by a slight curve in the Read more

  • El Aruk/El Eruk

    Location North of Gota Abu Ramada (between 45 and 75 minutes from Hurghada) is a wide range of Pinnacles (ergs), standing on a 12m seabed, like a field of mushrooms. They stretch from southwest to northeast and fall into three main zones. Although ‘El Aruk’ is often seen as a dive site, it is actually Read more

  • Carless Reef

    Location About one hour northeast of Hurghada, amid-sea reef plateau pushes up from the abyss. It is mostly in the 12-25m range, gently sloping to 22-24m at its edges where it drops off steeply. Standing on the plateau are two ergs, the larger to the northwest, the smaller to the southeast. They are surrounded by Read more

  • Ben El Gebel

    Location Between Giftun Soraya and Giftun Kebir is a narrow strait. Along crescent of reef projects out into it from the north end of Giftun Soraya – this is Ben el Gebel (literally «between the mountains» in Arabic). It also goes by the names of ‘Shaab Torfa’, ‘Shaab Dorfa’ and ‘Torfa el Shait’. At the Read more

  • Banana Reef

    Location Just off the end of Ben el Gebel in the middle of the Giftun Strait sits Banana Reef. It is also known as ‘Gota Ben el Gebel’, ‘Gota Torfa el Shait’ or more poetically ‘Shaab Farina’ (meaning ‘dragonfly reef’, look at its shape to see why). It’s a Y-shaped reef lying in shallow water Read more

  • Abu Ramada South

    60-90 minutes away from Hurghada. On the southern end of Abu Ramada a small islet and 3 large boulders are separated from the main island. The dive site is on the reef south of here. To the east of the mooring points a sloping wall tumbles away to 35m. A long swim away is a bubble-like grotto with several entry points. It is filled with many varieties of Soft Coral, Sweepers, Cardinal Fish and Soldier Fish. To the southwest are numerous shallow pinnacles with abundant fish life. The seabed here is a bare, lunar looking concretion of compacted sand.

  • Abu Ramada North

    Between 60 and 90 minutes out of Hurghada. Where the island stops at the north end a long plateau continues at 20-50m, tailing gently off. On the east side it drops off sheer, blending with a vertical wall to the south. Like Umm Gamar, there is a 'Halg' or neck on the east side of the island where your boat can often wait.